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>>Patrick James<<

Welcome to my mind. Watch your step.

4/5/05 11:30 pm - Spring Break!

Yes, we are half way through spring break! Sadly, it won't last long. I haven't got to do much over the break yet except sit here at home being bored. I did nothing much today except a few things to help out mom around the house and I played with my cousins whom were over at grandmas. It's been a really nice day although the bad thing is that the mosquitos and bees are back. :( Well friend issues seem to be working out, at least some, but relationships aren't quite there yet. Patty only works so fast ya know... LOL Anywho, only 13 more days until my birthday! YAY! The big 16th! Swoop! I'm supposed to have this big party but I'm just not sure If I wanna, I'm lazy these days. Go figure. I went out with some friends the other night and didn't get home until 4:00am. How crazy! I'm an owl.. or so I'm told. I'm supposed to go hiking and run around tomorrow if all goes well. I hope so, cause I want out of this house! Well like imma go get some sleep. Leave this place now! =p

3/23/05 11:02 pm - Shazam! Wednesday.... woo.

Yes, well, here goes. Today is Wednesday, wow. Half way through it. Well needless to say it was another boring day at Cosby High Skewl. Vhoop. I did nothing all day. Nothing happened today cept Mrs. Anders was a little cracky and so was the Doc. They were telling me odd jokes and cussing and all this. Just our little thang. That wraps it up basically. So many friend troubles, stuff is going around and everyone hates everyone. Can't do much about it. Oh well. Stayed for Drama today and me and Jaynese ran around everywhere just doing our usual thing -cough-. Finally made it to drama and said my lines and back out the door we went. We waited on Mr. Jeremy Tullock to come out but he insisted on playing basketball. Spam him. Hehe. Well tomorrow's the last day of the week for us since theres no school Friday. I still haven't decided what to do this weekend. Theres like nothing to do in COCKE COUNTY. Well it's short today. Sowwy. Tots.

Jeremy Needs
Jeremy Needs To
Jeremy Needs To Be
Jeremy Needs To Be Laid
Jeremy Needs To Be Laid Bad!

Jaynese Is
Jaynese Is Evil.

Heather Likes
Heather Likes Justin
Heather Likes Justin As
Heather Likes Justin As Of
Heather Likes Justin As Of This
Heather Likes Justin As Of This Minute.

Balch, your crazy and naughty. Yes, you.

Jessica, jangle your jingles.

Mmk. Bye! :)

3/22/05 11:04 pm - Boring effing Tuesday.

Yes, today was, boring. Yeah, major. Spanish sucks. Geography sucks. Band sucks. Theatre Arts Sucked. GOSH. So many suckings per day. Anywho nothing happened today, at all. Except I got to talk to Jaynese finally about stuff that's going on. I'm beginning to get tied up again and I don't have time for friends anymore. This happened to me last semester. Yes, I got tied up with work and involvment in the school over-all and it cut me from a lot of friendships. Right now I'm putting in overtime afterschool for all kinds of things each and every day. I have Drama, FCCLA, Tutoring, Music Enrichment, Peer Solutions, and all of this. BLAH. Not that I'm complaining, just gets to me sometimes. I feel like maybe I don't have time for friends and that, that is a fault on my behalf and I'm letting them down. I do like helping friends though. Well, enough about my mooshy stuff. I'm excited because Spring break is right around the corner! YAY! We are out Friday so I plan on getting out of the house if weather permits me to do so. We go back for one week and then are off for one week. Sounds crazy, huh? It's Cocke County. Deal. Well enough mambo-jumbo for today. Chao!

"BO JANGLES! Vhoop!"

3/21/05 08:48 pm - Mondayitis. =/

Gosh, today was so sucky. So many aggrovating people and stuff. I've told people off, hit them, and everything. Never helps but here we go. Well it all started at 6:30am this morning... I get up and get dressed and go to school. Same shit. Different day. Grr. Well I was in a grouchy anal mood all day cause I'm so sick of school I just can't take it. The people just OMG. Cries. Anywho, only good time I had was in fourth block and that's my theatre arts class of which we do nothing but goof off. I have a lot of stuff going right now at school as in I have a drama production coming up and a big band concert. Wow. All jammed into one. I'm kinda excited about our play though. It's a 60's deal and I play this almost stoned hippy. Name of Starbaby. It's like the biggest leading part. I am starting another big project for geography today... woohoo and I get stuck in a group with this freshman chick who knows absolutley nothing. Pfft! That's always a pleasure to work with dumbass freshman. No offense fellow freshman friends. We know you're not all dumb. I stayed afterschool today for music enrichment but I was bored to death so somehow I wondered into the gym and was helping the volleyball team at practice. Muh girlz! I came home and messed around and now I am were I am. HERE. Writing. Just blabbin with Tullock. None other than him. Tha best. See, I did have a bad case of mondayitis!

If you want to see more Tullock on the T.V. screen leave a comment!

3/19/05 09:57 pm - A sweet saturday!

Wow, today was sweet. Yes indeed! I got to sleep in first off then my friend Heather came over and we played DDR (Digital Dance Revolution) for PS2 until we dropped and then we laughed and laughed soo hard! Around 4:00 Sunny and Michael came over to hang out and we ordered pizza and just played games and stuff. We went to walmart and bought some condoms and Hersheys chocolate. Wow, what a nice combination. :P After that we went to the movies and saw The Ring 2. It was pretty good and there were a few scary parts. This ending kinda made it over the hill I guess, but barely. Towards the ending the little boys mom says "I'm not your fucking mother!" and shuts the well so that the evil little girl can't get out. It was the highlight of the movie. It made it grand. I won't tell much on it because I wouldn't want to spoil it. We talked and cut-up through the entire thing because my friend Jeremy kept being the big pervert that he is and cracking us up. I met up with a lost family member that I haven't seen in years. She was sittin right in front of me. 'Twas one of my cousins on my dad's side of my family. What was weird is this guy that came and sat with me and started talking to me wanting me to "hold him" and to "make-out" with him. Pfft! Peon. It was the known afro dude that comes to all the basketball games at school. Very odd. After the movie we all kinda gathered around in a big huddle outside and talked about how sunny and Michael are going to get laid. Ugh, such horndogs. Heather and Justin, some other friends, got hooked up yesterday! YAY! I'm so happy for them I think they make such a good couple. Justin, you better stick to that thang! One bad thing was my friend Jeremy's date was unfortunatly cancelled because of the girls 'tupid parents! Argh. Yes, that makes me feel bad. But, his weekends coming so look forward to hearing about it! My stepdad came to pick me and Heather up in the police car. Wow. That's always fun. People always stare as I'm just sittin my own self down in the back. Hmm, a new thing I'm inventing called "self-arrest" :P So my saturday for this week has been super sweet. YAY!

3/19/05 12:22 am - Back in, blue?

Yes, my journal has been reserected and is back in blue and black. Teh, sweet. Well today was quite boring for a much needed Friday. I'm still not gettin the hang of my frickin Spanish and Geography is so boring. But 4th block is always cool cause we get to use the computers. This weekend is gonna be fun I think though because I'm supposed to have some friends over tomorrow just to hang out and then we will be going to see "The Ring 2" at 7:00. Some people have been reporting bad comments on it. Hope it's good! I'm just gonna order pizza and play video games. Well, not much been happening latley same old stuff. Go to school 5 days a week and then get a free day. Just repeats non-stop. I have actually put my MoJo into good use these past few weeks with some good friends and I'm trying to get them hooked up. I have acomplished one so far and I have one to go. Ugh, people are such horndogs these days. Lack of use I guess. XD I think they should invent revers-Viagra. Maybe I will get a patent, who knows.

1/24/05 10:31 pm - Horrid Journalist

Yes, yes, I know. I haven't updated in forever. Sorry. I've been so lazy lately that all I do is chat with freinds. It's school im telling you it tires me out man. Spanish is so hard and I have no clue what I'm doin in there. I've been pretty sick this weekend with a bad sinus infection and stuff. I'm glad school was cancelled today so that I could rest-up and possibly be feeling better so I can go to school tomorrow. School is delayed an hour tomorrow so that means more sleep! YAY! I did somehow manage to get a hair cut this weekend. But the bad news is the stupid lady cut it WAY TOO SHORT! I told her I didn't want it to short but NO, she liked went at it. Hate that man. Blah. Not much excitment going on latley. It's so figgin cold and everyones sick. I hate winter, it should die. LOL Oops hope ashley doesnt see that word. =o She doesn't like for me to say it. One funny thing that happened friday was in my band class one of the stupid freshman got mad at me and threw a mallet, A.K.A percussion beating device, at me and bopped me on my temple to make the story short. Well he got sent to the office and of course I have to go down there and stOOf so I told my side of the story and he just kinda mumbled to the prinicpal (lies) and then starts crying like a freakin baby! LMAO It was so funny. I told everyone I knew to that he did. Well he just got one day I.S.S. oh well. But my freinds and I called this little incident my "Percussion Concussion", get it? Yeah, pretty funny, but hey, its my life. All band members should get anger management. Yeah, that'd be good. Ciao!

1/6/05 07:21 pm - Chaotic Day

Well today started off sucky for the simple fact that I had to get up at 6:30am. Once I got to school everything started leveling out and stuff. Cosby High School is in a franzy right now because of all the new classes, people wanting new schedules, new classes, drop/add.. WOOW! Too much! I didn't even get the chance to switch out any of my classes today and I don't think imma have much luck on getting what I want because I heard all the classes are full except for 2 and thats just BAD! I mean we need a bigger school! I could go on and on about school for hours. It was an easy day though nothing to do but talk since I didn't have to take those finals. YAY! I came home after school and have been lollying around the net ever since. Tomorrow is a new beginning for school and that Roks Muh Soks! LO! Notice I didn't say L O L, yeah Ashley banned me from saying L O L last night because I use it so much. So now in its place im saying LO. Yeah no typo, just, LO. LO. Yeah, LO.

Don't Deny It. Lick It.


1/5/05 09:09 pm - School Starts!

School started back today! Woo! Yep, back to the ole 6:30am wake up call. Not cool. But some good news I did find out I passed my classes and gateways! YAY! I was so happy. We get our new classes friday. I gotta take spanish. Woo. I don't really want to but its the only friggin foriegn launguage offered at my school. A funny start to the day was when me and mom pulled up at school and the whole side of the hill had "CROSBY" painted on it when my school name is "Cosby High School". Pretty funny! Yeah it was somebody from our other opponent high school were not like by them because were simply better than them and thats a fact I'm not kiddin! Test scores prove it. Oh yeah and today in band my freind Ashley in I were goofing off talking about all the stupid commercials out now. Like for instance the big AOL commercial were all the people are talking about there system she says "I wish my system would go into a meltdown" or something and It's sOoo funny. And the yetti WHAHHHH! LMAO Yeah, well youd just have to be in "our world" to get it really but we decided that the peoples of the TV should make a whole big website with nothing but commercials. I bet they would get a lot of traffic. I mean the commercials are TUPID but oh so hillarious. DONT ASK! IT'S US! XD OMG XD? ASHLEY HAS ME SAYING THAT NOW!!! Yes Ashley actually talks XD sometimes its bad! XD is supposed to be like a smiley face or something. XD LMAO But enough about my rambling with school. Ugh, takes up most of our lives. Well I came home after school and we went to morristown to my moms office and I had to like sit in there forever while she talked to her friends UGH the pain. We stopped at taco bell and came home and I took a oh so relaxing shower and now I'm all tired and crap so I'll be goin to bed soon. -Yawn-

Heres a funny billboard pic. If you dont get it then um.... your DENSE! LOL Jokin!

1/4/05 10:23 pm - Lazy Day

Okay, okay, so today I was lazy and did, ehh, NOTHING! Yes, I admit I was lazy today and did nothing but play with the dogs, I took a walk, and played online. I need all the R & R I can get for tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrows the big day. Why? SCHOOL STARTS! Yes, back to the hell house to take the friggin final exams. I'm nervous about them, I hope I pass! Good news is that Thursday we get our new classes so hopefully no more boredness. I get so sick of doing the same old thing/routine everyday 5 days a week. I think imma hit the bed early tonight because 6:30 comes really early! Gosh, I miss the sleepy days when I didn't wake up till 11:00am or so. Oh well, the weekend is almost here. YAY! I'm complaining, yes, because it just a lazy day!
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